What is Presbyopia and who does it affect

Published: 14th July 2010
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The definition for presbyopia means "older eye," also known as the "short-arm syndrome", and is a normal part of the eye's aging process that causes the loss of the eye's ability to focus on close objects. The name presbyopia originates from the Greek word presbus - meaning an old man.

Presbyopia is a condition that occurs as a part of normal aging, and develops gradually over several years. The symptoms of Presbyopia become noticeable by the age of 40 to 45, and is the gradual hardening of the lens taking place over time - until the process eventually stabilises about 20 years from onset. The hardening of the lens is thought to reduce the eye's ability to change shape and bring near objects into focus.

Symptoms of presbyopia:

• Difficulty seeing clearly for close work

• Print seems to have less contrast

• Brighter, more direct light required for reading

• Reading material must be held further away

• Fatigue and eyestrain when reading

Treatment of presbyopia:

Other than corrective surgery, varifocal lenses are the most effective tool to correct presbyopia. Commercially, varifocal lenses are popular because of the absence of any unattractive line on the lens and the greatest advantage of the varifocal lens is the ability to look at objects at varying distances with only an adjustment of slightly tilting the head. The different levels of varifocal lenses have different powers:- the top part of the lens is used to view objects at a distance, the middle part focuses on objects at an intermediate distance and the bottom part of the lens focuses on the nearby objects, like reading a book. Varifocal lenses also avoid discontinuities, which occur in the visual fields of bifocal and trifocal lenses.

With the increasing demand for varifocal lenses, manufacturers are creating stylish varifocal frames and lenses and the easiest, and most economical, way to buy varifocal lenses today is online. Online stores not only offer the widest range of varifocal lenses, but you can take your time to go through their choice. When compared to the prices charged at retail stores, online stores have surprisingly reasonable rates too.

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